"Connecting people to build awesome things together in pursuit of equity" Product Engineer with a background in International Media & Computer Science, 5 years experience in Product Management and 13 years in Software Development.

Expertise in project- and agile product management, leading cross-functional teams and stakeholder management in start-up and public enterprise environments. A quick learner with the unique skill to translate technical understanding and a passion to aim for the smallest viable solution. As a people manager, I focus on enablement and building a culture of trust. I learned to value outcome over output.

I love music, travelling, (some) sports and have liberal/left political alignment.

Where I've Been

Sept 2023 — today

Senior Tech Lead @ WhatAVenture

Aug 2022 — May 2023

Head of Product & Engineering @ Pluz Care

Jan 2021 — July 2022

Technical Product Manager @ Wiener Linien

May 2019 — Feb 2020

Senior Software Developer & Project Manager @ Outfittery

Aug 2013 — Apr 2019

Software Developer @ MODOMOTO

Oct 2010 — Jul 2013

Student Software Developer @ Dailyme.tv

Apr 2008 — Jul 2013

Media & Computing (Master) @ HTW Berlin

Oct 2005 — Mar 2008

Media & Computing (Bachelor) @ HTW Berlin

And more & more & more

  • I've been interested in computers since I was 10, studied Media & computer science and made a career out of it.
  • I used to play trumpet, but quit when I was a teenager. I sang in choirs and bands. In 2013 I began to teach myself playing the ukulele and released an EP since.
  • I believe cars don't belong on the road, but only on the race track. I only ride my bycicle and take public transport.🎶
  • My native tongue is German and I'm perfectly fluent in English. I have some basics in French, Spanish and Japanese, but will draw a blank in conversations.
  • I was born in East-Germany, lived in Berlin and Vienna - and a few months in Italy and Luxembourg.
  • I'm easy-going and it's really hard to get my bad side.
  • I'm flexitarian - I consider meat a delicatesse and eat it rarely.
  • I travelled 50+ countries, but never to South America.
  • My software stack: MacOS, Software Development (VSCode, Ruby, Javascript), Graphic Design (Affinity Photo/Design, Inkscape), Game development (Blender, Unreal), Music (Tidal, Logic Pro),
  • I'm not an absolutist and I believe doing something 80% well is still better then doing it not at all.
  • Instead of "Move fast and break things", go for "Move slow and mend things"
  • I switch hobbies every 5-7 years or whenever I finished learning what got me interested in the first place.
  • The goal is the goal, the road is the necessary evil. The road can be super rewarding and fun, but my motivation is always linked to a goal.
  • I listen to way to many podcasts and fail to recall all the amazing things I learn.